Orlando Bloom’s Stuff Up For Sale For Charity

Written by Merve on June 20, 2009

orlando-bloom-i1The hunk’s mom, Sonia Copeland Bloom, is moving house, and she wants to clear out her son’s room before she does it. What do moms normally do when this happens? My own parents jammed my stuff into boxes and left them in storage. Some of the stuff, I decided to get and use in my own place. But then again, I am NOT Orlando Bloom. I do not have tons of stuff that I can sell for a hefty price to the countless collectors out there.

This is what the star’s mom is planning on doing. She has already spoken to her son, who has given her permission to do so, with one stipulation: the proceeds of the sale would go to charity. So what can you get your hands on? The Guardian lists some of the items that will be on sale:

Among the items up for grabs are a bodyline wetsuit used by Bloom, 32, when he filmed a scene with Elijah Wood in The Return of the King and a poster signed by the entire cast.

A pair of Moroccan slippers and boots he wore in The Kingdom of Heaven could also entice film buffs.

But fans of Bloom – who now lives in west London – can also get their hands on more personal items such as the badminton and tennis racquets he used as a boy.

Gucci shoes, Puma trainers, polo shirts and a hooded waterproof Gap jacket belonging to the star will also be auctioned.

It will be interesting to see how much this auction will make. The charities that will benefit are Unesco, the New Marlow Theatre, cancer charity Odyssey and the UKC Music Scholarships.

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Al Mourjan To Host Charity Dinner For Gaza

Written by Merve on January 18, 2009

2gasareAt any given day, there is always a good cause which could use help. These days, though, Gaza is at the forefront of things. The longstanding conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has once again materialized and is affecting the lives of many civilians. I wrote something about the United Nations and the United Arab Emirates encouraging the international community to do something about the plight of the people in Gaza just a few days back. It seems that the call has not gone unheeded as the Al Mourjan Restaurant has already organized a charity dinner to benefit Gaza.

The charity dinner will be held on the 20th of this month and roundabouts 200 business leaders of Qatar are expected to attend the function. The dinner is dubbed Reach Out To Gaza Charity Dinner and is being organized by the restaurant, in partnership with Reach Out To Asia. The latter is a non-governmental organization which works to provide assistance to those in need.

The proceeds of the charity dinner will be sent to Gaza with the aim of using the money to address the most immediate of needs. These include humanitarian issues such as first aid kits, ambulances, and food. Looking into the future, the organizers also hope to use the money to help with the rebuilding of schools once the situation in Gaza stabilizes.

If you are in the area or you know someone who is, here are the ticket prices.

WIP table for 10 – QR15,000
VIP table for 10 – QR10,000
VIP table for 8 – QR8,000
VIP table for 4 – QR4,000
Standard table for 4 – QR2,000
Regular tickers – QR500 (SOLD OUT)

To find out more about the restaurant and to get in touch with them, click here.

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Modeling for Charity

Written by Merve on October 27, 2008

Anyone can do their part for charity. In fact, fashion shows which have the usual models showcasing the latest wardrobe design ideas from noted designers today is a good way to put everything in perspective.

Such was the intent of a glamorous fashion show that was held in London, featuring top catwalk models, the same agency that handles Kate Moss. For their efforts, they were able to raise more than £3,000 for charity.

Models1 successfully modeled for a cause using garments made by Hollywood Collections, a fashion store in Barnt Green and accessories from Solihull boutique Le Scarpe in the glitzy bash at Hogarths Hotel in Solihull. The funds raised will be given to Cancer Research UK and the Love Care Charity in Chennai as organized by hotel owner, Helena Hogarth.

“This £3,000 will go towards making this orphanage as comfortable as possible for the orphans and giving them a better chance in life. I’d like to thank all who took part and helped support these two amazing charities.”

At these trying times, such an amount is modest enough for a worthy cause. Especially now that the holiday season is fast approaching, it would be nice to see such efforts which is sure to grow in the next couple of weeks, regardless if hard times are here. Besides, charity is about giving what you can and not really about the amount you are able to give.


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Corpses to Rise at Princess of the Stars Tragedy

Written by Merve on October 25, 2008

After months of planning and waiting, the bodies of the victims of the Sulpicio Lines Princess of the Stars tragedy will finally be retrieved. The question is, isn’t this a bit too late?

We have heard the cries of many Filipinos in the past months and apparently this stems from the fact that they lost their loved ones but have yet to determine if they are indeed among the casualties. Expecting that most of the corpses that they will find will be beyond recognition, retrieval operations are expected to have their work cut out for them especially upon identification of the bodies that are sure to have decayed beyond recognition by now.

Issues such as poisonous chemicals and all have delayed the retrieval operations in Romblon and to safeguard the nearby areas, the need to first take out the chemicals was the priority. It is indeed hard to accept and understand the logic but basing it in general, it would be best to look out for the safety of the nearby towns before addressing the bodies of the dead who were trapped inside the vessel.

For proper identification of the bodies, requirements such as birth certificates, dental records and blood samples were required before the bodies can be released to their families. At this point, you would have to wonder if it still makes sense since the only confirmed thing is that they lost a lot of loved ones from this unexpected tragedy.

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2008 Beijing Olympics: Some Consolation after the Strong Quakes

Written by Merve on August 9, 2008

Holding the Olympics in your country is an honor that will forever be cherished. Other than being among the elite group of countries given the said distinction, China for its part makes the current hosting of the 2008 Olympics pretty much memorable. This holds true especially for the earthquake victims that were devastated last May.

It seems like the price to pay for hosting the Olympics and getting popularity while you are at it seems to be harsh if you think of it. Just consider the fact that a lot of people perished and the survivors now are picking up their lives since that fateful May 12 of this year. But 3 months later, all eyes are on China once again, this time playing host to practically the world’s best athletes as well as billions of people all over the world watching them closely.

In Beijing, fireworks filled the sky and revelry filled the streets. But the party surrounding last night’s Olympic opening ceremony was hardly limited to the nation’s capital city. More than 900 miles away, in Sichuan province, an area that’s wallowed in grief and grown accustomed to loss found reason to rejoice – even if the kickoff to these Games did highlight disparity.

Since the May 12 earthquake, $10 billion has been devoted to relief and reconstruction efforts, a figure that pales in comparison to the money China has spent preparing for the Olympics over the course of the past decade. When the medals are handed out and the dust settles, the price tag on these Games will likely exceed $44 billion.


If that is the price to pay then perhaps it would have been better to let another country host the Olympics. Life is more precious and no matter how prestigious hosting this event may be, the damage made is still too much. Well at least they get some sort of consolation from hosting this rare event.

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