How to Get Donors for Charity

Image: bonfireimpact

Charity programs cannot lift-off from the planning stage if there are no donors to back it up.  It is a challenge to find willing donors to give the first time but it can be more challenging to ask the second time and all the other times that is expected to follow.  Another challenge is to find additional or new donors especially when the usual donors are not able to come up to expectations.

Donors, especially those that give in considerable amounts do not usually give without understanding the purpose of the charity program.  Charity organizers therefore have to  have a clear purpose for their fundraising.  This would include determining the beneficiary, the specific way in which the beneficiary is to be helped, the amount needed to be raised , and other important details that will support the fundraising activity as a legitimate effort.

Studies would show that donors tend to come in droves in times of great tragedy that affects many such as the most recent Japan tsunami tragedy.  However, this will not last for a very long time since there will be other tragedies and calamities that will affect another part of the world or be nearer home.  There is the hard reality to face that funds from donors may run out earlier than the completion of a disaster-recovery program.  Charity organizers will have to think of ways to convince donors to give by citing for example that the fundraising is now entering a new phase like providing for the  livelihood of victims.  Whatever it is, there must be a valid reason for continuing a program.

Donors also have a tendency to give more to specific cases such as one particular child.  Some potential donors tend to get overwhelmed by big fundraising activities in relation to the small amount they are able to contribute thinking that it wouldn’t matter whether they give or not.  Charity organizers should also provide clear steps in which donors can properly and swiftly respond to the solicitation.

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