Charity Begins at Home

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We often hear that charity must begins at home.  Unless someone learns to show charity to family members, it is impossible for him or her to show charity to others.  We cannot give what we do not have.

Such is the truth.  One cannot feel true empathy for other human beings if it has not been learned at home.  It starts with the training of parents of children which will not only be through empty words but actual actions that can be emulated.  Action speaks louder than words, so they say.  Everything is learned more thoroughly when it is done and not merely mouthed for show.

Charity at home starts in giving not only of material things but of the time, attention, and care that would help develop healthy human beings.  Material things will not compensate for uncharitable acts at home.  Long after family members have grown old, memories will be that of the happiest and loneliest moments.

It is such a tragedy if the loneliest moments are caused by the failure to give a part of one’s self to another family member.  This failure is a serious failure of the essence of charity to work at home.  Families have to inspire in each other the desire to give in whatever form.

Charity learned at home will go a long way.  It will be part of a person wherever he or she goes.  The values in charity will never be unlearned even with exposure to other views in the real world.  Anyone who is unable to feel charitable to family members will find it difficult to feel charitable towards others.

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