Three Charity Work Jobs You Can Take

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A career in doing charity work is a very fulfilling job choice. This is one job where everything you do contributes to the betterment of humanity. If you think charity work is only about volunteerism, then you’re very wrong. Charity work is a real job and people can build careers around it.

Here are some career choices you can make if you want to do charity work:


This aspect of charity work is probably one of its recognizable functions. This is the part of charity work that deals with raising funds for the charity. Fundraising can be hard work but it is also quite fulfilling especially if you meet the targets set by the charity you’re working for.

PR and Marketing

A charity’s success depends largely in part on how the organization is perceived by the public. This is where public relations and marketing come in. PR and marketing are important aspects of charity work. It is through this department that information about the charity’s projects and actions are communicated to the public, its stake holders and the media. Without them, information about the good work the charity is doing will not be disseminated and the perception of inaction could affect the charity’s fundraising efforts.


Mentoring is also another aspect of a career in charity work. Mentors are needed to help in providing close interaction with the intended recipients or beneficiaries. Mentors are especially needed in charities where the beneficiaries are other people (as opposed to entities or causes).

Charity work is a career that is perfect for people who have an absolute belief in a cause and want to make their own contributions to benefit that cause.


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