Food for Everyone Foundation

Written by Anna on March 30, 2012

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The Food

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for Everyone Foundation began in Utah in 1998. It is considered a Public Charitable 501?(3) Foundation, with a tax exempt status according to the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). It was established to ?[encourage and foster] the development, understanding, and distribution of the most efficient scientific non-polluting and ecologically sensitive food production procedures, by sponsoring and supporting the research, development, and dissemination of the best possible gardening methods and techniques, and the most effective information delivery systems and teaching methods throughout the world, with primary emphasis on the developing countries?. They also train and educate within the USA, in order to impart ?gardening procedures and techniques [as well as] effective gardening methods?.

It is headed by James B. Kennard, popularly known as Jim. As the president of the organization and a retired Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who has managed several businesses such as shopping centers, retail establishments and apartments for the past thirty years. He has vast experiences leading and training. He shares his gardening know-how including financial and business tips which can contribute to the success of community gardening projects. He is also a Master Mittleider Gardening Instructor who has personally collaborated with Dr. Jacob Mittleider on several gardening projects within the USA and overseas.

Their goal is to expand their program globally by ?teach[ing] the world to grow food one family at a time.? They have implemented previous projects in Mexico, Honduras, Trinidad & Tobago, FIJI, Tonga, Okinawa, Papua New Guinea, New Britain, Canada, Turkey, Madagascar, Armenia, Georgia (Republic), Colombia,

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Russian commonwealth countries such as Latvia, four nations in Africa and areas within the USA.

The advocacy encourages self-sufficiency in food production by sponsoring training classes and seminars; providing assistance to less fortunate lasix 20mg if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link46″).style.display=”none”;} individuals; facilitating acquisition of materials needed such as tools, equipment, seeds and fertilizers so that they can put up fruitful gardens in their respective communities. Their pay it forward attitude aims to improve the lives of impoverished families. The foundation?s well-trained staff helps put food on the table by empowering them to become self-reliant when it comes to growing their own food.

Learn how you can help by visiting Any form of assistance in kind or monetary will be greatly appreciated.

Image from Food for Everyone Foundation

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Helping Disabled People in Kind

Written by Merve on September 24, 2010

People having disabilities are sights to which anyone’s heart will surely go out to. A lot of them can be seen all throughout the world, particularly in Africa, the Philippines and Vietnam. Being in their state was not made by choice but rather by fate. Fortunate people who care enough would give the necessary support and capable sponsorship to extend their helping hands towards them. People cannot simply claim that it is these victims who choose not to do something to rehabilitate their current stature.

Helping the Disabled People

True that it fattens the heart to be able to help people in need. This is why people who do charity work and worthy causes would rather do something good for the benefit of the lesser fortunate people. The rewards may not be measured in terms of financial or objects, but all the same, it is providing assistance and support that matters above all.

There are some things that are simply immeasurable and intangible that people would prefer and this is usually doing something wholeheartedly without anything tangible in exchange.

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