The Purpose of Charitable Organizations

Written by Teresa Martinez on June 11, 2012

To be organized and operated for purposes that are beneficial to the public interest – such is the main thrust of charities or charitable organizations.  They are quite distinct from other entities that exist primarily to do business and earn a profit.  Because they exist for a noble purpose, they are in turn provided relief from taxes

There should be no marked difference in the general objectives of charitable organizations whether they are private foundations or public charities.  The main difference between the two is the manner of sourcing their funds.  While the former get their funds from a single source such as an individual, a family, or a corporation, the latter received theirs in the form of grants from private foundations, government, and also individuals in their own capacity.  Public charities are allowed to solicit funds from the public in the form of activities that will lead to grants. 

There are at least three purposes that have remained consistent throughout time and these include poverty relief, education advancement, and religion advancement.  However, there are other purposes that have been accepted for being beneficial to the community such as the erection of public buildings or works and the maintenance thereof, fight against community deterioration, protection of rights as mandated by law, and easing the burden of government, among others. Some organizations which promote sports competition are also classified as charities. 

Clearly, any organization that could manifest its relevance in providing benefits to the public without asking payment for its delivery can be considered a charity.  Charitable organizations have a critical role to play in areas where governments are unable to sufficiently address the needs of the people.  They have the capability to make a difference in the life of a person, a community, a country, and even the world.

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The Dilemma Of Celebrity Adoptions (From the Archives)

Written by Merve on February 3, 2011

art.elton.john.afp.giOn the one hand, the children being adopted by celebrities are given another shot at life – a much better shot, actually. On the other hand, celebrity adoptions may be sending out the wrong message. This is what the charitable organization EveryChild is concerned about.

The recent news that musician Elton John is planning to adopt a 14-month-old boy from a Ukrainian orphanage is the root of the charity’s sentiments. Elton John has been active in helping raise awareness for infants who are infected with HIV. His recent visit to the Ukraine is part of his efforts.

While he has always considered adoption, he said that he had concerns about it as he is not exactly a spring chicken and his career is not exactly the perfect setting for raising a child as well. However, when he laid his eyes on Lev, the baby boy, and interacted with him, Sir Elton John said that he changed his mind.

Now back to the concern of EveryChild…according to James Georgalakis, EveryChild’s Communications and Advocacy Manager, people in developing countries might get the wrong message from all these celebrity adoptions. He told CNN that:

“Research conducted in the Ukraine in 2007 which showed high-profile celebrity adoptions and news around foreigners coming into the country and adopting children generally was actually encouraging vulnerable young mothers to abandon their children into homes hoping their child would be adopted by a rich foreigner and have a better life. So it’s quite well documented that these high-profile adoptions could actually be increasing the number of children in institutions.”

Having read that information, I do see the point that EveryChild is concerned about. However, limiting or disallowing celebrity adoptions may not be the solution. What do you think? Should celebrity adoptions be restricted or is there another way to approach the issue?

Photo courtesy of CNN

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Wherever the Need

Written by Merve on August 11, 2010

There are people in need everywhere. Some of them are right in your own backyard. Some of them are on the opposite side of the world. No matter where it is, Wherever the Need (WTN) tries to assist.

Wherever the Need is an organization that chooses to implement projects that will have long term effects. Water for example is of prime importance to them. They work to provide clean drinking water for the people- which is critical for people to stay healthy, and if possible to the livestock and plants as well. They are very environmentally minded. They always try to ensure that their projects are earth friendly.

Wherever the need isn’t as big an organization as some but they are registered in the UK and the US.The fact that they aren’t as big an organization means that it is possible for relationships to grow between benefactors and the recipients. For those who like to make a difference and feel like they are extending their circle of family and friends, this is a great choice

One beauty of this organization is that you can approach them about a project that you woud like to start and they can help you to make it happen. It is your project but they help get it up and running. So if you know of a group that really needs your help, don’t hesitate to bring them to the attention of WTN. Be prepared to do your part of course. You will be involved every step of the way with your project; it is worth it!.

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Quick Tips To Bear In Mind When Donating To Charity

Written by Merve on April 11, 2010

Some people are naturally generous. You know this type. Anyone who approaches them on the street for help, they’ll help. If they receive a letter in the mail asking for a donation, they’ll do so without any hesitation. A friend comes to them for help, they’ll give without any questions.

There is nothing wrong in being generous, but you ought to know that giving to charity should also be done with caution. It wouldn’t do if you’re being scammed, would it? Here are some quick tips that will help you give to your heart’s content without sacrificing the spirit of giving.

Come up with a list of charities that you wish to give to. This is the safest course you can take. There are so many charitable organizations out there – some of them are not legitimate, we have to face it. As such, you ought to check out organizations that you can be sure of, and stick to them.

Make sure that you know all about the organizations canada cialis no prescription that you are giving to. Do research. Check them up with the Better Business Bureau. Talk to your friends who also make it a habit to give to charity.

When doing your research, make sure that take a look at whether or not the organization is a good fit for you and the causes close to your heart. Do not immediately put your trust in an organization just because it looks good. Take a thorough look at the activities and methods of the organization before you commit to anything. online viagra in australia

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Lost Children’s Network

Written by Merve on February 10, 2008

ChildWarriors.jpgNothing makes society put aside its differences than cases of missing and exploited children. Children are some of the most abused and misunderstood in most developing countries that they suffer more than we know. They are exploited as child labor, child warriors, prostitutes or simply victims of bad economic planning that allots enough resources for their future and development. The Lost Childrens Network, is a group of several non-profit charities who focus on the problem and try to alleviate some of the indignities children suffer all over the globe.

Recent statistics have shown that the use of children as child soldiers (mainly in Africa where the number of misguided children has grown to such extent that they are viewed as a resource for war) with their views of society and culture tainted with hatred, lust for power and the satisfaction of doing a good job for their war lords. These children, products of the Aids epidemic have little or no parenting supervision having fallen to conflict themselves as either victims or participants in the never-ending ethnic-cleansing that is currently sweeping the nation.

The group aims to inform people all over the world about the plight of these lost and misguided children in hopes of making the future brighter for them. They are also engaged in the search for kidnapped or literally lost children who have disappeared from their residences or while on tour abroad. These cases have increased in these past few years due to the more relaxed approach people have with regards to the time they append with their families, taking their children with them in hopes of regaining the lost time they spend at work with the time they spend on vacation. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, there is an estimated 15,000 soldiers that fall under the age of 18 with some as young as eight according to the BBC. In conjunction with the many charities and non-profit groups who aim to alleviate the suffering of children they are changing lives even if does not encompass the globe. Let us all help in their drive to help children wherever they may be on this earth for a brighter future which they can call theirs.

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