Fashion Events Guaranteed to Raise Funds for Charity

Written by Guest Blogger on May 13, 2014

A growing number of people are now becoming more aware of their responsibility towards charitable giving. Developing this attitude is a good example especially to children and young adults.

There are a variety of ways a group or startup can raise money for charitable giving. One sure way is to organize a fashion event. But what particular types of events would it be? We share some of the most popular you can choose from.

Designer Auctions

designer auction

Fashion designers often come together to do auctions that can help non-profit organizations such as charities. Luxury items that command a price are normally put up for auction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Real Estate Companies Reap The Benefits Of Giving To Charity

Written by dave on April 11, 2014


Real estate companies are often among the most active community leaders when it comes to philanthropic and charitable giving. Various nonprofits and organizations will organize or attend events that help to raise awareness and funding for important charitable work.

But real estate companies in particular are known for hosting, sponsoring, and attending galas and other philanthropic events. They also appear prominently among the firms that write checks to the companies they’re supporting. Read the rest of this entry »

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7 Ways to Help Children’s Charities Through Blogging

Written by dave on September 5, 2013

There seems to be a blog for everything: food, wrecked cakes, living abroad, and TV shows. However, blogging can also be used for good deeds, such as helping children’s charities get some well-earned funds.

If you’re a blogger looking to do good, this might just be the ticket you need for some great karma points. Even if you’re not a blogger, platforms like WordPress make putting together a professional blog easy. Just follow blogging best practices such as engaging readers, link exchanges, and committing to blogging at least three times per week.

Here are seven ways you can make a difference. Read the rest of this entry »

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Planning a Charity Event

Written by Teresa Martinez on July 30, 2013

Being involved in charity work is said to be very fulfilling. While some are given the chance to go to other places to serve and perform charity work, others can still do their share without leaving by holding a charity event. A successful charity event requires meticulous planning to maximize the intended benefits for the beneficiaries and the sense of accomplishment for the organizers.


Charity events are not the monopoly of charitable organizations. People with the same cause in mind can actually come together and organize among themselves to think of ways to raise funds for specific beneficiaries. Every person will always have something to contribute whether in time, talent, or money. A group that intends to hold a charity event should plan accordingly and here are some suggested steps in doing it systematically.

1. Connect with a Registered Charity Organization

Logistically, connecting with a registered charity organization can make the whole process a lot easier. Charity organizations have built-in systems that have been tested by experience. They also have the specific know-how in raising money which is the main goal in this task.Organized groups just have to choose what type of cause to support for their planned event and choose the charity organization that supports it. It is also advantageous to be connected or associated with a known name since most people are more open to sponsorship, donation, and participation because of the established trust.

2. Choose the Type of Charity Event to Hold

In choosing the type of charity to hold, organizers are better off opting for the kind that they can appreciate themselves. If they are into sports, a running event may be a good choice. For people who are quite active in the social scene, holding a gala night or some high-profile party activity may be the way to go. Whatever it is, the organizers must be prepared to work for it and be in it, preferably beyond show.

3. Pool the Manpower

No charity event will ever be produced without people willing to work for it. Since this is a charity event, organizers should be looking into volunteers instead of paid staff. There must also be identified leaders to guide the whole project.

4. Find Sponsors

A charity event will always need sponsors because of funding requirements. Businesses and known philanthropists are possible sponsors. It would be better to have a sponsor that also believes in the cause.

5. Publicize the Event

The success of the charity event will depend on the amount of participation obtained from the public. It is necessary therefore to make the event known. All types of advertising and promotional strategies can be used.



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How to Register Your Nonprofit

Written by Guest Blogger on July 29, 2013

Nonprofits are a lot of work to get up and running. But the hours are a small price to pay to become part of the important role these organizations play in society.

Before you consider registration and obtaining a Basic Business License, you need to make a few key decisions. What is the organization’s mission? Who will serve on the board of directors? What are the long-term goals and how will they be reached? Where will the funding come from?

Once the structure of your nonprofit has been decided on, you can take the first steps toward registration. Read the rest of this entry »

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