Abandoned Animals: What Are Charities Doing To Help?

Written by Nicole on September 23, 2014

A scared dog named “Theo” was rescued after a year of living on the streets of Los Angeles. The images of Theo, from the Mutt Scouts website, shows his before and after pictures. Underneath all the matted hair and dreadlocks was a frightened little dog. He was rescued by Eldad Hager, founder of Hope For Paws, was able to lure the pup to safety with treats and a little love. With the help of Jf Pryor, founder of Mutt Scouts, Theo was able to get help. Shortly after he was taken into custody, he was treated to a haircut and relocated with a foster family.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where this is the reality for many abandoned pets. Luckily for Theo, he was rescued. Many innocent animals face the cruel reality that many people neglect their pets with heart wrenching outcomes.

Why Are There So Many Homeless Pets?

  • Their families relocate to new places that don’t allow pets
  • Sometimes animals accidentally get loose or lost
  • Some people abandon their pets when they can’t handle the responsibility
  • Many cities and towns are banning certain breeds of animals

Numerous people forget that pets are not equipped to fend for themselves. They often assume that animals will be able to find new families or survive off the land. The number of abandoned pets is a serious problem affecting many cities and their pet populations.

What Can People Do To Help?

  • Adopt a shelter animal
  • Protect your pets with appropriate identification or microchips
  • Foster animals for rescue charities
  • Raise awareness about abandoned animals
  • Support local pet rescues by volunteering or donating

Theo managed to get a his happy ending, because of compassionate people who care about abandoned pets. Stav Ozbada, Theo’s foster parent, gave Theo a new leash on life. The small dog is now sporting bowtie collares instead of matted dreads. His soft hair curls and remains clean. Theo’s days now consist of playing with his new pawed friend, Beastly, and his adopted family.


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Women Victims of WWII Get Strong Support

Written by Guest Blogger on September 6, 2014

During the Second World War, tens or even hundreds of thousands of women in Asia were made as sex slaves by the Japanese soldiers. Not many people knew about this until in the early 1990s when, one by one, these so-called comfort women gradually came out in the open to reveal their tragic stories.

Specifically, it was the women’s movement in South Korean that first raised the issue of forced recruitment of Korean women back in 1990. The movement’s sole purpose is to obtain recognition and compensation for surviving comfort women. A year after in 1991, a former Korean comfort woman testified in public and revealed her suffering during the war.

By 1992, women leaders in Korea and Japan including surviving comfort women and legal experts have called on international organizations to include the United Nations to investigate the matter and conduct hearings.
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Should Charities Issue Receipts for Donations?

Written by Guest Blogger on August 20, 2014

Giving to charity is an admirable act and one that should be taught even to small children. Some kids exposed to charitable giving at an early age find it worthwhile to donate part of the monetary gifts they receive when they reach the age of 16 or 18. Some adults, however, start out in this endeavor at a later age.

There’s no age limit to the act of giving to charities and regardless of when you start donating, what matters is you are sincere in what you do. It’s a different kind of personal fulfillment if one is able to share his or her blessings, particularly hard-earned money.

dollar and Donation Box

But the question is, “Do you need to ask for an official receipt every time you donate money to a non-profit charitable organization?”

Ideally, a charity should issue receipts to donors. It is a legal obligation of a non-profit group to do so. Also, people who have donated money will need official receipts in order to make a claim on their annual income tax returns. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fashion Events Guaranteed to Raise Funds for Charity

Written by Guest Blogger on May 13, 2014

A growing number of people are now becoming more aware of their responsibility towards charitable giving. Developing this attitude is a good example especially to children and young adults.

There are a variety of ways a group or startup can raise money for charitable giving. One sure way is to organize a fashion event. But what particular types of events would it be? We share some of the most popular you can choose from.

Designer Auctions

designer auction

Fashion designers often come together to do auctions that can help non-profit organizations such as charities. Luxury items that command a price are normally put up for auction. Read the rest of this entry »

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Real Estate Companies Reap The Benefits Of Giving To Charity

Written by dave on April 11, 2014


Real estate companies are often among the most active community leaders when it comes to philanthropic and charitable giving. Various nonprofits and organizations will organize or attend events that help to raise awareness and funding for important charitable work.

But real estate companies in particular are known for hosting, sponsoring, and attending galas and other philanthropic events. They also appear prominently among the firms that write checks to the companies they’re supporting. Read the rest of this entry »

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